UP-2-3 Toddler Group

We meet in the Tab church hall on term time Wednesdays from 10-11:15am. We charge £1 per family group which covers the cost of coffee, tea, drinks, biscuits, and new toys, as well as supporting Hope for Children in Latvia.

10am 'til 11am is a fun time for children and babies, up to 3 years, to play and learn to interact with other children. We ask that adults supervise their own children and they also get the chance to meet and chat with other parents/carers. We also have a quieter room for parents with young babies - this is a valuable time for new parents to get to know and support each other.

11am 'til 11:15am is Music and Rhyme time. We meet in the lounge and sing nursery rhymes, counting songs and learn how to make a rhythm with instruments. Occasionally Tabatha comes along to help read a story. This is a good time for the children to gain experience of being in a group and listening to one person (although at this age we don’t expect too much) in readiness for when they move onto Nursery school.

Please contact us for more information.