If you wish to donate a list of items required are listed below (On the vegetable front we always have more Baked Beans than we can distribute but are often short of tinned carrots etc and tinned meat). To maximise your giving, can we suggest that buying a store’s own brand of product is often cheaper? It is also useful to have family sized packs and tins.

Tinned vegetables
Tinned meat
Tinned fish
Tinned fruit
Orange Juice (Cartons long life)
UHT milk
Sugar (500g packs)
Tea bags
Coffee (instant)
Packet mash
Tinned rice Pudding
Sauces e.g. Ragu
Pasta (500g packs)
Rice (500g packs) Soup

In 2001 the Lancing and Sompting Basics Bank was launched. In May 2015 we re-launched and rebranded as the Lancing and Sompting Food Bank. Many of us have friends and family to turn to when the going gets tough. But what if your family could no longer help and you had nowhere else to go? Opening the fridge or food cupboard to find that there is nothing to eat and there is no money to go and buy anything is not an experience most people expect to go through. But statistics suggest that many people are only one pay or benefit cheque away from just this situation. That’s where the Lancing and Sompting Food Bank seeks to help by giving people food when they need it most. The Food Bank was started at Pentecost 2011 with the idea of “giving a little to those who have less”. This is an attempt to take seriously the Apostle Paul’s statement” “Therefore as we have the opportunity, let us do good to all people, especially to those who belong to the family of believers.” Therefore, we give to those in genuine need from all faiths and none, and from all backgrounds simply on the basis of need. With the help of volunteers from the churches Lancing and Sompting Food Bank has been set up to create and make available food bags which contain enough food to feed a family of four for three days. Bags are given to those referred by our partners in the community. For more information click here to visit the website