Below are our most recent sermons recorded at the Tab. You can listen direct from the site by clicking the sermon title. To download  to your computer or device click the Download link .

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“Dramatic Narrative of a Crisis” (download)
15 Oct 2017 | John Woods
John Woods, 15/10/2017
“Getting Introduced: Here is your God!” (download)
15 Oct 2017 AM | John Woods
John Woods, 15/10/2017
“Shelter Revisited” (download)
8th Oct 2017 | Andrew Wilson
Andrew Wilson, 08/10/2017
Cornerstone (download)
1st Oct 2017 PM | Richard Brunton
Richard Brunton, 01/10/2017
Listen and Wait (download)
1st Oct 2017 AM | Andrew Wilson
Andrew Wilson, 01/10/2017